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Disney Classics Collection Disaster!

Pixie Dust level = all time low.

On Friday morning we were jolted awake by a CRASH, followed by what I would describe as the sound of a giant rock being thrown through a plate glass window.  But it wasn’t a rock, and our window was untouched.  Our full case of Walt Disney Classics Collection it’s a small world figures collapsed in on itself.  25 figures, SMASHED.


We cried, seriously.  Two figures had just come in the mail, no more than 15 hours before the massacre.  15 hours of enjoyment until this:

and this…


25 pieces.  $2000.00, give or take the market.

So how did this happen?  A slight miscalculation when putting together an Ikea DETOLF shelf.  One rail was installed backwards and we didn’t catch it.  Three of these shelves are in our house, all put together correctly except this one.  We think we were within the weight limit, which is 13lbs. per shelf.  The problem was that the shelving is able to slip when not installed correctly, and when we placed our newest piece in the cabinet it was enough weight to cause slippage.  See these rubber grips?

The left side was installed upside down so that the grip is on the left of the post.  Totally our fault.  Too much weight caused the glass shelf to slowly slip, falling down onto the others.  The shelves are all still intact, no cracks, nothing.  It took us a bit of research to figure out how it happened since they did not actually break.  Turns out this happens a lot.

Moral of the story?  Don’t crowd these cases!  They are solid cases, look great and are safe IF assembled correctly, but for the love of god do not put $2000.00 worth of collectables into them!  We are truly beating ourselves up over this.  It just never crossed our minds that they were too full, which seems ridiculous to us now.  Tough lesson to learn.

After a loooooong day at work on Friday we set out on a salvage mission.  Paris, Belgium and Zebra were sent to the trash.  All but 1 or 2 lost their heads, and all of these had very clean breaks. 

They look good from a distance, some you wouldn’t notice any breaks up close.  But its not the same now.  The completest in me says what’s the point of having a collectable when they are worthless?  There is no resale value here.

One of the worst:


But so many were left with dings and scratches from the fall.

To quote my favorite nighttime spectacular…

“We go on
to the joy and through the tears
We go on
to discover new frontiers….”



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